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Please find a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ), if your question is not answered please add a question via our "contact" page and we will endeavour to answer your query.

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dogfoodzcanberra is a Home Delivery service for Natural and Healthy Pet food.
Not all areas are currently serviced by our delivery men and women, we cover mostly the country areas in the northern, western and some central areas of Victoria. Check with Rudi on the "Contact Us" page if you are unsure whether we service your area. ONLINE shopping is available for the Melbourne Metro area, please go to our online store to order in these areas.
That's the easy part, once we have established if you are in one of our serviced areas, then simply "Contact Us" and fill in as much info as possible and then we will do the rest! One of our distributors will contact you and discuss your pets dietary requirements and explain the service in more detail as well as create a menu to suit your pets needs. Don't delay, reply today!
Why, because, not only are we great value, often cheaper than name brands, but our products have NO added Preservatives!, NO added Chemicals! and NO added Flavours!. This and other additives have been know to shorten the lives of your pets and create illnesses that are unexplained. Natural is the only way to care for your pet and yourselves for that matter. All of our products are all natural and is a healthy alternative to the mass produced products available on the market, and best of all we deliver it to your door!
Shelf life is short due to the absence of preservatives and chemicals. Generally 5 to 7 days for our cooked products and 4 to 6 days for our raw meat range provided its kept refrigerated after defrosting.
Because that's our preservative!, we freeze it quickly after packaging to lock in the freshness and preserve the nutrients and vitamins that chemical preservatives can destroy!