*Leave an esky outside for us if you'd like to keep some meals frozen*

If you choose not to freeze the meals we deliver shelf life will be very limited due to the absence of preservatives. You can generally get 5 to 7 days after defrosting the product. Care must be taken to keep meals refrigerated at all times.

Flick us an email (madan.dfc@gmail.com) if we don't deliver to your area and we might be able to work something out.

Now we are coming with free delivery on any order. Logistics companies are asking for over $22 per delivery as the goods are frozen. But we thought this is unacceptable so will be personally delivering to your door for a free.

We deliver to all ACT suburbs, within a couple of business days after ordering. We'll send you an email the day before to remind you to leave an esky outside for us. Postcodes currently serviced: Some suburbs in these postcode may not be serviced, please email to check if not sure.

2600  2601  2602  2603  2604  2605  2606  2607  2608  2609  2610  2611  2612  2614  2615  2616  2617  2900  2901  2902  2903  2904  2905  2906 2911  2912  2913  2914  2619  2620